Spanish Brunette Porn Star – Claudia Bavel

Gorgeous Spanish Porn Star Claudia Bavel is all alone, by the beach; because nobody wanted to be with her. Our friends at solved that problem for her.

Gorgeous Spanish Porn Star, Claudia Bavel, enjoys a nice Fuck Party in the Woods on

Cast:  Claudia Bavel, Uncredited Male # 1, Uncredited Male # 2

Greetings Everybody!!!

I have another AMAZING post for you today!!!

Claudia Bavel poses prior to scene

Today I bring you Claudia Bavel!!

As you can see, Claudia is a GORGEOUS Spanish Brunette with a SIZZLING Hot body (perfectly made for porn).

She is slender but still has a nice curvy body and two luscious tits.

Claudia was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain.

And, I believe that she still lives in that beautiful city, to this day.

Claudia Bavel shows off more prior to scene

She entered the Porn Industry last year (e.g., 2016).

Therefore, (as of the time, I’m writing this post) she has been in the industry for one year.

For those of you that care about this sort of thing, Claudia’s birthday is March 21st.

That would make her a Picses!!

In this episode, Claudia was ALL alone, enjoying the sun and the beach.

Claudia Bavel sucks two studs' cocks

One of the producers asked her why she was all alone.

Her answer:  “Because nobody wanted to chill with her.”

This, my friends, is a VERY SOLVABLE problem!!!

The producer brought along to studs and they (and Claudia) had an impromptu fuck party, in a wooded area, near the beach.

Claudia is quite AMAZING as she takes on these two men and their cocks!!!

Claudia Bavel takes cocks at both ends

I would like to thank our friends at for these amazing photos.

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Claudia Bavel rides a cock and sucks another

Petite Colombian Pornstar – Jade Preesleyy

Jade Preesleyy shows off her porn skills by giving a very nice blow-job and riding on a very big dick.

Gorgeous Colombian Pornstar, Jade Preesleyy takes on a Higher-Paying Gig and Enjoys it at

Cast:  Jade Preesleyy, Raul

Jade Preesleyy has a low-paying job at a flower shop.

Fortunately for her, she is a gorgeous latina with a very sexy petite body.

Jade Preesleyy poses with flowers

A producer (from the Porn Site meets her at the flower shop, and offers her a higher-paying job, on the spot.

She accepts an initial payment of 100 Euros.

Jade Pressleyy accepts payment for a higher-paying gig.

Of course, in exchange for the additional money, Jade has to also do a bit more.  Higher-pay often times higher-responsibilities.

Jade Preesleyy shows us her nice shaved pussy

Her first main responsibility was to take care of Raul big dick.

Jade, with her high aptitude for this line of work, knows just what to do satisfy the producer and secure her place in the porn industry.

Jade Preesleyy rides a big dick

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Jade Preesleyy enjoys a very big dick