Gothic, Tattooed Brunette pornstar – Tank

Gorgeous Gothic Brunette pornstar, Tank is caught trying to sneak out of her house, by her stepfather (Tommy Pistol). He’s got no choice but to discipline her now. Right?

Gorgeous, Gothic, Tattooed Brunette Stepdaughter Tank tries to sneak past her Stepfather on

CastTank, Tommy Pistol

Greetings Everybody!!

I have another AMAZING post for you today!!

Tank poses with Tommy Pistol prior to scene

Today I bring you (once again) Tank!!

The very first post that I did (on this blog) was with Tank.

Therefore, I think that it is time for me to bring out another with her.

As you can see, Tank is a heavily tattooed, pierced gothic pornstar.

She’s an American Pornstar (I believe that she lives somewhere on the East Coast).

Tommy Pistol disciplines Tank on the couch

She’s been in the Porn Industry since 2016 and is still active in the Industry.

For those of you that care about such things, Tank celebrates her Birthday on August 16th.

This makes her a Leo, my friends.

This Episode

In this episode, Tommy Pistol is asleep (and snoring) on the couch in the living room.

Meanwhile, his stepdaughter, Tank, is trying to sneak out of the house while wearing (AHEM) highly revealing clothing.

Tank sucks Tommy Pistol's cock

Unfortunately for her, Tommy suddenly wakes up and sees her trying to sneak out.

“You’re not going outside dressed like that” he shouted.

She then told her stepfather that “All of the kids dress like that”.

Of course, Tommy didn’t buy that line as he forbade her from leaving the house.

During this conversation, Tommy’s eyes do catch more than a glimpse of Tank’s body.

Tommy Pistol is fucking Tank in the Ass

And, since he’s NOT her real father, he can take “some liberties”, all while “disciplining her”.

I will let these AWESOME pictures and video, from our friends at, reveal the sort of liberties that Tommy is taking with his stepdaughter.

If you would like to see more photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the first four images within this post.

Click HERE or click on the 5th image, within this post, to see a short video from this scene.



Tommy Pistol is fucking Tank from behind


Petite Latina Dancer – Sofie Perez

Gorgeous Petite Latina Sofie Perez has a major crush on her dance instructor, J.T. She has been looking for a way to get him to take notice of her. One day, she tries something risky (and risque).

Gorgeous Petite Latina Pornstar, Sofie Perez, works on some Dance Moves with J.T. on

Cast:  Sofie Perez, J.T.

Greetings Everybody!!

I have another AMAZING post for you today!!

Sofie Perez practices dancing

Today I bring you, Sofie Perez!!

As you can see, Sofie is a GORGEOUS, Petite Latina pornstar.

She has a beautiful slender body and, yet still has nice natural tits.

Sofie was born and grew up in Tampa, Florida

She entered the porn industry in 2008, and all indications are that she is currently retired.

J.T. works with Sofie Perez on a few dance moves

Hence, we cannot expect any new material from her.

However, we can still enjoy the AWESOME videos that she left us.

Sofie was the subject of a strange rumor, that she died in a car accident in late 2008.

However, Sofie appeared (very much alive) in January 2009, and debunked that story.

For those of you that care about such things, Sofie celebrates her birthday on July 31st.

J.T. takes dancing with Sofie Perez to a new level

Therefore, she is a Leo.

In this episode, Sofie is taking a dance class from her instructor, J.T.

J.T. is also our stud du jour (not coincidentally).

There are no coincidences in porn, my friends!!

Anyway, Sofie has a big-time crush on J.T. and is looking for a way to get him to get more seriously involved with her (other than just her dance career).

So, one day, at the beginning of dance practice (while Sofie is stretching) she notices that J.T. is checking out her crotch-area.

Sofie Perez combines a dance move with sucking J.T.'s cock

At that point, she slides her leotard over, to reveal her pussy and things “go in the right direction” very quickly from there.

I will let these AMAZING pictures (from our friends at disclose what all happened from there.

If you would like to see more photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five images, within this post.


Sofie Perez rides J.T.'s cock