Slender Brunette Pornstar – Cassidy Banks

Gorgeous Brunette Pornstar, Cassidy Banks uses an alternative payment plan, to pay for her medical checkup today.

Our doctor goes to work on Cassidy Banks' pussy

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Gorgeous Puerto Rican/Brunette Pornstar, Cassidy Banks, needs to pay for her Visit to the Doctor’s Office at

Cast:  Cassidy Banks, Uncredited Male

Greetings Everybody!!

I have another AWESOME post for you today!!

Cassidy Banks poses prior to scene

Today I bring you, Cassidy Banks!!

As you can see, Cassidy is a GORGEOUS Slender, Brunette Pornstar, with a VERY NICE pair of tits.

Cassidy is actually of Puerto Rican descent.  I guess that gives her that exotic, extra sexy look, my friends.

She was born and grew up in Denver, Colorado.

Cassidy entered the Porn Industry in 2014, and she’s been quite active ever since then.

Cassidy Banks is in the doctor's office, waiting for the doctor

For those of you that care about such things, Cassidy celebrates her birthday on August 17th.

That makes her a Leo, my friends.

This Episode

In this scene, Cassidy is at the doctor’s office.

I am presuming that she is there for (AHEM) a breast exam.

However, she apparently can’t pay for this medical procedure and is hoping to work something out with the doctor, doing the Exam.

I guess one can use this plot as an argument AGAINST any kind of Single Payer Healthcare system in the USA.

The doctor is IN - Cassidy Banks' mouth

For if Single-Payer Healthcare became a reality in the USA, then this plot wouldn’t make any sense.

It might also reduce the (hmmm… shall we say) “opportunities” that certain doctors can take, to get some “action on the side”, and we can’t have any of that, my friends.

OK, enough with the political reference.

Two good things happen in this episode.

  1. Cassidy gets her badly needed medical exam, even if she has no money, and
  2. Our doctor has a big smile on his face, for the rest of the afternoon.

The doctor checks out Cassidy Banks tits

I will let these AWESOME pictures and a short video, from our friends at, reveal how things went during Cassidy’s medical exam.

If you would like to see more photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five images, within this post.

Now the doctor is IN - Cassidy Bank's pussy

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