Ebony Pornstar with Big Tits – Quinn Quest

An angry Quinn Quest calms down after her boss (Tommy Gunn) uses his managerial skills (and his dick) to mellow her out in this AWESOME sex scene.

Tommy Gunn fucks Quinn Quest from behind

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Tommy Gunn uses is Dick to resolve some Morale Problems with Gorgeous Ebony Pornstar Quinn Quest at Famedigital.com

Cast:  Quinn Quest, Tommy Gunn

CAUTION:  If you are a male and an actual manager (of female subordinates), this scene falls into the category of “DO NOT TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN WORKPLACE” – Lest you will be joining the Unemployment Line – for sure!!!

Quinn Quest is a gorgeous African American woman that works in shipping for (what appears to an Adult DVD warehouse – go figure – for a porn scene).

Quinn Quest is angry and venting to Tommy Gunn - Nice Tits

However, she is very unhappy.  Boxes are piling up (in shipping) and they are not being shipped.  One of Quinn’s co-workers appears to be “slacking” and leaving Quinn with all of the work.  That wretched person!!

Tommy Gunn uses is managerial skills to calm down Quinn Quest - by rubbing her tits

Fortunately, Tommy Gunn (Quinn’s boss) comes down into the Shipping Area and works to calm down Quinn Quest.  He showcases his managerial skills and things develop from there.

Tommy Gunn licks Quinn Quest's yummy pussy

According to the video, Quinn’s attitude improves dramatically and she calms down and relaxes.  I believe that Tommy licking Quinn’s pussy may have something to do with that.

I also think that Tommy’s attitude and morale improved as well.

Fucking a gorgeous woman in shipping (when no one else is around) will do that for you!!

Quinn Quest gives Tommy Gunn a nice blow job

What do you think?

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Click on the fifth image to see a short video of this scene.  Enjoy!!!



Tommy Gunn fucks Quinn Quest on the table


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