Gorgeous Brunette Maid – Patty Michova

Steve has this GORGEOUS House Maid working for him. Kristoff (Steve’s brother) is intrigued by her for many reasons. But he is mostly intrigued because she has a ponytail (not on her head, but coming out of her tailpipe). Kristoff’s curiousity evolves into an AMAZING 3-Some on the couch.

Steve Q fucks Patty Michova

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House Maid, Gorgeous European Brunette Patty Michova, takes on two studs, at Scoreland.com

Cast:  Patty Michova, Steve Q, Kristoff Cale

Greetings all!!

I have a special 3-Some post for you today (2M1F).

Patty Michova poses in a Maid's outfit - prior to scene

Steve has a GORGEOUS House Maid of the name, Patty.

Kristoff Cale (Steve’s brother) is quite intrigued by her.

First of all, she is incredibly sexy.  She has a very slender body and she also has very big tits.

Second, she is always wearing the skimpiest of clothing around Steve Q‘s crib.

Third, (and strangest of all) she has a tail (coming out of her “tailpipe”, like a donkey).

One of the studs is intrigued by Patty Michova's tail.

So, Kristoff drops by Steve’s crib, so that he can take a closer look at this mysterious maid.

Kristoff walks up to Patty, grabs her tail and pulls it until it (and the butt-plug that was in her ass) comes out.

At this point, things start to move VERY rapidly there at Steve’s crib.

A 3-Some (on the couch) emerges.

Patty is taking on two cocks at the same time.

Patty Michova goes to work on the two studs

One stud is fucking her from behind, while she is giving the other stud a blow job.

Eventually, they gang up on her and DP (Double Penetrate) her.

Yes, it is a sex-filled afternoon at Steve’s crib.

Steve, Kristoff, and Patty (the maid that used to have a “tail”).

Patty Michova is taking on two studs at both ends

I would like to thank our friends at Scoreland.com for these AMAZING pictures.

If you want to see more photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five images within this post.


The Studs are DPing Patty Michova

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