Slender Asian Pornstar – Ember Snow Returns

Gorgeous Asian Pornstar Ember Snow gets drunk one night (with her friend) and decides to not risk the DUI by driving home that night. So she spends the night at her friend’s place. Who knew that this particular decision (to be safe) would result in her fucking Mike Mancini (her friend’s brother). There’s your lesson my friends. It pays not to drink and drive.

Mike Mancini continues to fuck Ember Snow from behind - Feature Picture

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Gorgeous Asian Pornstar, Ember Snow makes a move on her Best Friend’s Brother, Mike Mancini at

CastEmber Snow, Mike Mancini

Greetings Everybody!!

I have an OUTSTANDING post for you today!!

Ember Snow starts sucking on a cock

Today I am bringing (back) Ember Snow.

I did a post with Ember just a few days ago.  But she is so HOT and GORGEOUS that it is time to bring her out again for another post.

She is also one of the most popular pornstars in the industry these days as well.

In this scene, Ember is staying over at a friend’s house.

Ember and her (unnamed) friend were out partying the night before and got a bit drunk.

Mike Mancini fucks Ember Snow missionary style

So rather than risk a DUI, while trying to drive home, Ember spends the night at her friend’s house.

Wow,  the beginning of this post would be a wonderful PSA (Public Service Announcement) about Drinking and Driving.

Nonetheless, when Ember wakes she goes into her friend’s kitchen when she bumps into her friend’s brother (played by Mike Mancini).

Mike was quite surprised to see Ember in the kitchen.  He was also pleasantly surprised to see that she was just wearing her panties and a top.

She does look good my friends.

Mike Mancini continues to fuck Ember Snow

Anyway, Mike mentions that he needs to go to work later in the day, so he is going to his room to get some rest before he starts his shift.

A few moments later, Ember barges into his room and they eventually start playing the game of “Truth or Dare”.

Anybody that has ever played that game KNOWS where this is going.

Both Ember and Mike are mostly choosing “DARE” during each of their turns and it isn’t long before they have both stripped themselves naked.

What to do after that?  Hmmm…

Ember Snow rides Mike Mancini's cock

I will let these AWESOME pictures and video, from our friends at reveal some of Ember’s and Mike’s activities.

If you would like to see more photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the first four images, within this scene.

Click HERE or click on the 5th image, within this post, to see a short video from this scene.



Ember Snow rides Mike Mancini's cock reverse cowgirl style

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