Gorgeous Asian Cindy Starfall takes Delivery

Klutzy Food Delivery guy, Chris Strokes is the worst food delivery guy in town. However, he is also the LUCKIEST food delivery guy in town, when he makes a delivery to Gorgeous Asian Pornstar Cindy Starfall’s home and he gets a VERY MUCH undeserved tip!!

Chris Strokes continues to fuck Cindy Starfall from behind.

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Gorgeous Asian Pornstar Cindy Starfall takes a Food (and Cock) Delivery on Famedigital.com

CastCindy Starfall, Chris Strokes

Greetings Everybody!!

I have another AMAZING post for you!!

Cindy Starfall opens the door to the Chris Strokes, the delivery guy

Today, I bring you (once again), Cindy Starfall.

Cindy was born in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam.

She (and her family) moved to the USA when she was 15 years old.

During her first few years in the USA, she attended an all-girls Catholic high-school.

Go figure!!

She entered the Porn Industry in 2012 and is still active today!!

Question for these days:  Do we really want to tighten our immigration policies, when we have clearly benefited from having GORGEOUS Women, like Cindy, come to the USA from abroad?

Chris Strokes goes to work on Cindy Starfall's pussy

For those of you that care about such things, Cindy celebrates her birthday on November 28th.

This means that she is a Sagittarius, my friends.

This Episode

In my previous post that I did of Cindy, she was a food delivery person.

Now, in this post, the roles are reversed.  She has ordered food to be delivered to her home.

Shortly after ordering the food, Cindy waited for some period of time for the food delivery person to arrive.

Unfortunately, he took a very long time and Cindy got impatient and decided to take a shower.

Cindy Starfall sucks on Chris Strokes' cock

As luck would have it, just as soon as Cindy enters the shower, the doorbell rings.

She wraps a towel around her naked body and opens the front door.

Standing at the front door is a goofy guy (Chris Strokes) with a crushed, crumpled up bag of her food.

When Cindy tried to reach out and grab her food order, she dropped her towel and the goofball didn’t move at all.

Add to that, the goofball couldn’t even pronounce the type of food that he was delivery.  (She ordered Pho, which is a type of Vietnamese soup – if you will).

But he had trouble with that word.

Cindy Starfall rides a cock

However, even with as goofy as this guy is, he was able to get a MUCH greater tip (from Cindy) than you might expect.

I will let these AMAZING pictures, from our friends at Famedigital.com, reveal what kind of tip she gave him.

If you would like to see more photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five images within this post.

Cindy Starfall rides cock reverse cowgirl style

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